Love of the Human Body
Beauty of the Endless Sky

Welcome to ERO-SKY

ERO-SKY is about unashamed enjoyment of the human body.

It's about love, beauty, and fun. Sometimes it's about sex too.

ERO-SKY celebrates the beauty and power of the human body, free and naked and happy.


The Philosophy

Someone asked us recently what the goal was with this endeavor. There are several.

Being a little adventurous, getting naked and risqué, stepping out of our comfort zone can be fun.

Our bodies are beautiful. Feeling free and showing off can be fun and exciting. Being naked should be normal, but too often it's not.

Our society binds us in many ways, and women especially are too often compelled to be hyper-protective of their bodies and their sexuality. The punishment for being open can be extremely extreme.

ERO-SKY is about loosening the shackles a little bit.



One of the concepts we want to pursue is the idea of being naked anonymously. We don't live in a world where people, especially women, are free to express themselves without dramatic repercussions. And, bluntly, this sucks.

The idea of anonymity is interesting to us for two reasons.  Sometimes, as a viewer, a hint is better than a reveal.  Knowing the body but not the person can be very appealing.  But also, for the model, it's a chance to exist differently, without compromising identity, and without inviting unwanted attention.

Some of the galleries here will feature bodies without faces, and we hope you will enjoy them, and maybe pause to consider why they made this choice.


A note from your photographer

I want ERO-SKY to be full of beauty in a world that needs more of it right now. Nudity is fun, bodies are beautiful, and I want to experiment with a kind of photography that I didn't have the skills for before.

This is to be a fun journey, an adventure, an exciting time. I want to create amazing things and share it with the world. And, sometimes, create things that only a lucky few get to see.

A secret cabal, lurking within these pages?

Maybe... Just maybe. ;)